This is basic information on the roles of computer parts in a laptop. 

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External Features:

  1. Monitor – The screen used to display text, pictures and video.
  2. Webcam – Used to communicate through video or for pictures.
  3. Speakers – Built into the computer. Produces sound to project sound.
  4. Keyboard – Contains the alphabet along with numbers and special keys for computer functions.
  5. Touchpad – A tool intended to point and click. Involving a left click and a right click. A left click performs an action and the right click provides additional menus.
  6. Battery – The main source of electricity for the computer.
  7. USB Drive – Outlet used for external memory.
  8. Headphone Jack – The standard jack is 3.5 MM.


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Internal Features:

  1. Motherboard – The powerhouse of the laptop everything is connected to this equipment.
  2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) – The CPU is intended to deal with all of the computers instructions. Essentially the computers brain.
  3. Graphic Card – Piece of hardware intended to help with the formation of a 3D image.
  4. Hard Drive – A storage where files are saved permanently.
  5. Random Access Memory (RAM) – This memory is used to run programs and is limited.