The first time my family purchased my college laptop I did not know the specifics as to what went into a laptop. I just saw it as a computer that was portable and could travel with me everywhere I would take it. As far as computing power, I really had no knowledge at the time not a single spec of information. Overtime I decided to learn about certain things here and there like the main components of a laptop and differences. But the question of which laptop to buy is often asked if one is not tech savvy.

Some pointers I would suggest would be to ask yourself questions. As asking question can help answer some of the reasons to pick one computer over the other and so forth.

  1. What I’m I going to be using it for? Will I be using it to run various programs? or Will I use it just for word processing, the web, minimal use? (Answering that question leads to what attributes of the computer are important for your use. )
  2. The next issue would be specifications. Depending on the use certain things can effect performance. Like: screen size, hard drive memory, RAM, battery life, ports and weight.
  3. If your work consists of minimal use then you should ask yourself. What’s my budget? Do I want to carry around a 8 pound computer compared to a 2 pound laptop.
  4. For some people, brands can play a role in purchasing technology. The best bet would be to conduct research on a specific product you might like. Now a days reviews can be seen on sites like Youtube. If you are a person that would rather have the product on your hand visiting computer stores can be satisfying.
  5. Ultimately, technology does have a life span so before you end up spending a large amount of money one should ask if the product comes with insurance and if it covers up certain damages or hardware malfunctions.

In the end, one might not be satisfied with the specifications that companies have set for their line of laptops. Therefore, some companies do let you customize the device but can end up being costly. Hopefully, this general post can at least let some of you start the hunt for your laptop.