Would the computer be as smart as it is without it’s microprocessor or Central Processing Unit (CPU)?The microprocessor is the driving force behind most of today’s computers. The components of a computer rely on this mechanism just as much as they do on the motherboard. Unlike the rest of it’s computer parts the processor makes the decisions. Consisting, of everything from electrical to digital even to the user’s commands which involves complex mathematical problems.

The first microprocessor was not on a portable laptop but on a F – 14 jet. Which was used for the purpose of running the electronic portion of the jet.

It was not until 1969 that the idea started but was available in 1971 when the infamous processor company Intel would become the standard for providing microprocessors in the laptop and computer business. The Intel processor 4004 would set the standard. The idea of the 4004 came from a Japanese company making calculators and gave intel the task of coming up with a chip for usage of the calculator. Intel, would end up buying the rights to the product from the company overseas.

Well how does it work?

The processor is composed of different components. Each has specific commands in order to complete an objective. But it’s main features are composed of three elements.

  1. Moving information from one section to another.
  2. Based on outcome set new actions.
  3. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) performs and writes back outcome to memory.

Here is a link to further explain the process.