A year after Paul Allen and Bill Gates started Microsoft with the visions of personal computing. Another Duo, joined the race in 1976 leading Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to form a company after the electronics magazine issue of January 1975, “Popular Electronics” mentions the Altair 8800 computer. Before, the race to establish a profit was even mentioned. The idea of constructing a computer was seen as something to do for fun. The majority did not see to profit from it but there were those who did.

A year after the cover of “Popular electronics” in 1976. The duo, Jobs and Woz formed Apple Computers which resulted in the creation of the “Apple I”, it released on April 11, 1976. While many might think that when you create a new piece of technology one would release it to the public rapidly. But, the Duo did the contrary and instead shared the computer with their comrades at the Homebrew Computer Club located in Menlo Park, CA. The club influenced people with similar interests to share upon themselves on topics of hardware and software knowledge. Jobs and Woz would end up showing off the “Apple I” to their peers and emotions were revealed about it.

The notion of building a computer was not to make it into a selling product but rather having a hobby and pushing those limits by exploring it in depth.

13 years later and Apple would released it’s first ever laptop, the “Macintosh Portable” on September 20, 1989.

A blog post by Wozniak suggests if Homebrew Computer Club was never in existence, Apple would not have happened.