While the debate of buying new or refurbished tech devices can be a focus of opinion. It shouldn’t get to you as a buyer. As a refurbished device just means that it was once opened, returned, or had trouble in either its hardware side and had to be sent to the company to be fixed. The company also fixes the laptops from the exterior whether it be a paint job to cover minor scratches or a broken screen to usb and audio ports. It also goes through a process of testing to see if the device is good enough to be used again.

I would think the reason that holds people back from buying refurbished electronics like laptops is because the device is considered used and does not come in the original sealed box. Then, one starts to question the product itself like what if after a couple of uses it stops working and so forth. From, what I noticed some companies offer warranty to refurbished laptops which is usually around a year. Even then, extra warranty can be bought and added to the device as some companies offer that option.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-19-31-amBut, the upside about purchasing a repaired product is that the cost is at a discounted price compared to a new item. Therefore, if you are on a budget or are just trying save money in general then refurbished would be the way to go.





Depending on the model of computer and brand they often setup the percent of savings ranging from 15% – 40%. Another thing to take into account of buying a repaired computer is that it reduces the waste of electronic garbage on the Earth. The overall answer, is if you have no problem with knowing the product has been fixed by the company and want to save money then refurbished would be a choice. If you have no problem paying the full cost for the product then go ahead and buy it new.