As consumers purchase electronics the importance of battery life becomes muted until it starts to become a problem with the device. With, portable computers the use of different batteries has evolved seeking which are best with different environmental settings. Some of the most common types of batteries range from: Nickel – Cadmium (NiCad), Nickel – Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium – Ion and Lithium – Polymer (Li-PO).  While current devices use the newest form of battery which is lithium ion some older laptop models currently use NiMH.

The effects of the NiCad battery on laptops was often leading to heavy drainage of the battery itself if laptop usage was idle. The same is applied to NiMH battery but are more better compared to NiCad since the battery life was better. The difference between lithium ion and Li-PO is that Li-PO is a much more portable battery and its physical structure is accessible towards other technology products. Lithium ion is better at holding a longer charge compared to Li-PO but has added weight. Either battery of the new generation lithium batteries would still produce a phenomenal outcome to your device.

As tech continues to expand the efforts to make break through components for things like laptop are always on radar. Hopefully, the next set of batteries could last a couple days and even weeks.

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