The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft since the start of the computer revolution has been toe to toe. There are hardcore customers who vow to always choose one company over the other. Then there also those average consumers who started off with one company and ended up transitions to the other company and vice versa. I was apart of the second group of people, I started off with a HP laptop then switched over to a Macbook computer. Some of the reasons for shifting sides were due to the fact that I wanted to have my own experience of testing out the product and get the whole feel of it.

I started the experience with my HP laptop in 2012, everything was settle at first. I liked that it has integrated Beats speakers and CD/ DVD drive. But overtime, it started to give me technical problems. A hard drive wire had became lose and I had to get that repaired and then it started to get slow. Trying to back up my photos and music took hours along with the battery life being short to where I had to have the charger connected all of the time to the computer. The windows software was buggy at times. But the main problem for me was the weight of the product carrying around a 5 – 6 pound device plus some book and notebooks added up rapidly.

Around 2016 I bought the Macbook that I currently have and use for school. My main aim towards the purchase was because the weight of the previous computer was starting to disturb me so I wanted to settle for a lightweight computer. Therefore, I ended up buying the lightest laptop Apple had to offer which weighs at 2 pounds. So far, it has not given me any major problems and everything runs smooth. The only time I experience problems are when I’m using Microsoft Word and the spinning circle appears causing the computer to bug out. Other than that, the software runs nice, no major problems.