The evolution of storage in computers has come a long way. Break throughs and technology advancements had made things easy to use for the average computer user. This post will be dedicated to informing the two types of ways one can save personal files. The difference between the two is one is based through internet usage opposed to another which is a separate storage device.

Cloud storage is a service that is paid in order to back up your data online. You are able to access this data online anytime at any moment as long as are able to gain permission to the internet. Some pros for this type of service is that files and documents can be shared with multiple people. Some cloud companies often have smart phone applications where you can access your documents through your cellphone. Sharing your documents to a colleague or friend has no limit compared to emailing something where attachment size has restrictions. Some cons for this service includes paying high prices for a couple of gigabytes of storage. Being Worried about hackers obtaining and  revealing your information. Uploading your data can take time to appear on the cloud service.

External Hard Drives are a storage device which can be portable and are used to save your documents. Some pros are the device is always in your hands so you know where your information is at all times. The price of storage is cheaper compared to cloud prices. The time that it takes to backup can be slightly reduced since the connection is direct. Some cons are there is only one drive so sharing documents with multiple people can be a hassle. Since, the hard drive is mechanical there is always a chance of it failing and not getting your information back.

Essentially, both of these tools are meant to do the same thing. Each of them have their own sets of pros and cons.