Even thought, you probably use your computer everyday, taking care of it can go a long way in the end. There are simple things you can do to improve the lifetime of your laptop. 

The first and obvious tip is to keep your laptop dry from any liquids near by. Every time you work on a desk and you have your drink on the table you should move it as far as possible from your device. Something that I do when I’m about to take a sip of my coffee or water is to drink it around my laptop and not directly on top of my device.

Another, tip is to clean your keyboard often. No one ever thinks about your keyboard jamming until it happens and then you’re stuck there fixing it. You should clean your keyboard once or twice a week to avoid any jamming of keys. An easy method to clean your keyboard faster is to use compressed air to remove all the dust that accumulates over usage. To add on, when you close your laptop and dust is on your keyboard. That dust can lead to a mark on your screen resulting in a light line of dust. Cleaning, your screen can be done with a microfiber cloth using circular motions and slight pressure to make sure you don’t damage your screen.

Setting up cybersecurity is also a major thing in order to prevent your information and data from being stolen. You should get a anti-virus program and turn on your firewall protection. This helps and protects your computer from running slow since malware makes computers run slow.

Malware is not always the enemy there are also issue with hardware that can damage your computer from starting up again. The issue for this ranges and some examples include a hard drive failure to motherboard problems and so on. Therefore, backing up your files onto a separate hard drive can help save your files, documents, pictures and music. Just incase your device gives up on you.