Since the passing of Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011 there has been controversy surrounding the direction the company is heading towards. The majority of the way Apple introduces new products and Operating System (OS) is through this event they have called “Keynote”. There are people who live tweet the event revealing the latest information. Soon, after many chose to voice their opinions on the social media sharing what they think about the forthcoming product.

Usually it was Jobs and his posse that would unveil the companies soon to come products. But, since Tim Cook has now become the current CEO of Apple things began to get a little bumpy with the products they have been unveiling. While Jobs did not have an engineering background he had the drive and ambition to keep the company moving forward by making the right decisions.

I feel like the company now is trying to be revolutionary by removing certain components of a computer. Along with being different by changing the ports of the DC battery supply to a USB-C style port. Jobs was good at being different from the rest of the other companies in Silicon Valley but now is being different causing hurt to the company than it is for good.