While is it often that todays technological advancements are influenced from previous inventions. I feel like ideas are always mentioned but are not brought to reality since some of the things needed to make it come to life have not yet been found. Leading to delays in the actual inventions of certain things.  

As for, the future of portable computer I feel like they are going to be more thin then they are as of today. Companies will research to see if materials used to make computers can be condensed into smaller portions and if not then they might create something similar to a laptop. Point and click might become obsolete since touch screens are becoming more common. Battery life will hopefully exceed to be used more than a day, maybe a couple of days. Screens could possibly be projection and be seen as holograms. A company or someone would try to included every component of a computer onto a single circuit board of some sort.

But while a pattern can be seen, who knows what might happen next. Technology is always changing.