In 1911, the International Business Machines (IBM) was founded but did not always go by that name but by “Computing Tabulating Recording Company”. The original name came from a combination of three companies which were known for workplace products and tabulating machines. The founder of “Computing Tabulating Recording Company” was Charles Ranlett Flint. A couple of years later in 1915, the company was under the order of Thomas John Watson Sr whom lead to IBM’s success.

The technological revolution that came with World War II dragged IBM into business. With the start of producing electronic calculators influencing it’s lead into computers. The company started to work in depth with computers when Thomas Watson Jr step in as CEO of the company in 1952. It was during the 1960s where IBM managed to produce and sell most of it’s computers to the government and big corporations. Since, most computers were still bulky and enormous at the time of the 60s.

In 1981, IBM took the first steps in joining the era of personal computers with their first model the “5150” aimed at the average person instead of it’s accustomed roots which focused on military or government personnel. Even though, the company finally decided to release a desktop computer it’s sales were proving to be valueless. Rolling into the years of 2000s, IBM started to sell divisions of it’s electronics department. First selling it’s hard drive department in 2002 following it’s computer section in 2005.