Laptop Care

Even thought, you probably use your computer everyday, taking care of it can go a long way in the end. There are simple things you can do to improve the lifetime of your laptop.  Continue reading


Death of a computer

Computers have different ways in which they can stop performing normally. It ranges from hardware failure to software problems and eventually programs that in a way control or influence the way your laptop operates. These types of subjects are categorized by the way they take over a computer. For those who are not familiar with computer terminology they are known to the common computer user as a virus and its official term is malware. Continue reading

Tips on buying your first laptop

The first time my family purchased my college laptop I did not know the specifics as to what went into a laptop. I just saw it as a computer that was portable and could travel with me everywhere I would take it. As far as computing power, I really had no knowledge at the time not a single spec of information. Overtime I decided to learn about certain things here and there like the main components of a laptop and differences. But the question of which laptop to buy is often asked if one is not tech savvy. Continue reading